JSPP  Program
April 21(Mon)
9:15-9:20 1. Opening Remarks and Opening Lecture (Chair: S. Hamaguchi)
@ Kunihide Tachibana Japan Review of my 40-years Research Work in Plasma Electronics
10:00-10:50 2. Simulations and diagnostics I (Chair:              )
@ 10:00-10:25 Jae Koo Lee  Korea Particle and Fluid Simulations of High-Pressure Micro Plasmas
@ 10:25-10:50 Kanya Kusano  Japan Study of Multi-scale and Multi-physics Dynamics with Macro-Micro Interlocked Simulations
10:50-11:10 \ BREAK \
11:10-12:05 3. Simulatrions and diagnostics II (Chair:                   )
@ 11:10-11:35 Akihiro Kono  Japan Laser Thomson Scattering Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasmas : a Surface Wave Plasma Study and a Laser Disturbance Study
@ 11:35-11:50 Hiroshi Akatsuka Japan Population Kinetics and Number Densities of Excited Species in Low-Pressure Discharge Nitrogen Plasma
@ 11:50-12:05 Tomihito Ohba  Japan Spatial Density Distribution of Argon Metastables in a 2f-CCP using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
12:05-13:30 \ LUNCH \
13:30-15:15 4. Atmospheric pressure plasmas I (Chair:           )
@ 13:30-14:00 Zoran Lj. Petrović Serbia Voltampere Characteristics of Low Current Micro Discharges and Transport Coefficients in CFx/CF4 Mixtures
@ 14:00-14:25 Christophe Leys Belgium Discharges in Bubbles and in Systems with Liquid Electrodes
@ 14:25-14:50 Takehiko Sato Japan Characteristics of Low Temperature Plasma Flow at Atmospheric Pressure and its Application to Medical Field
@ 14:50-15:15 Mirko Cernak Slovakia High-Speed, Low-Cost Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Processing using Diffuse@Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge
15:15-15:45 \ BREAK \
15:45-17:15 5 Atmospheric pressure plasmas II (Chair:                 )
@ 15:45-16:10 Jan D. Skalny Slovakia Analysis of Ions Produced by DC Corona Discharges in Air at Atmospheric Pressure
@ 16:10-16:35 Gordana Malović Serbia Mass Analysis of Products of Amospheric Pressure Discharges
@ 16:35-17:00 Katsuhisa Kitano  Japan LF Micro Plasma Jets with a Single HV Electrode and the Generation of Free Radicals in Liquids
@ 17:00-17:15 Serge‚™ Shapoval  Russia Reflection Efficiency of Two-Dimensional Square Symmetry Unmagnetized Plasma Photonic Crystals in Microwave Wavelength Range
19:00-21:00 \ BANQUET \
April 22(Tue)
9:00-10:20 6. Semiconductor processing I (Chair:           )
@ 9:00-9:25 Vahid Vahedi  USA Plasma-Wall Interactions in Inductively Plasma Reactors and a Novel Method for Wall Condition Control
@ 9:25-9:50 Song Yun Kang Japan Theoretical Study for Fluorocarbon Plasma Chemistry
@ 9:50-10:05 Takashi Yagisawa Japan Modeling of a Feature Profile Evolution under Micro-Loading Effects in SiO2@Etching
@ 10:05-10:20 Jozef Brcka USA The Effect of the Hydrogen in the RLSA CVD of the SiNy(Hz) Films
10:20-10:40 \ BREAK \
10:40-12:00 7. Semiconductor processing II (Chair:             )
@ 10:40-11:05 Gottlieb S. Oehrlein  USA Studies of Plasma-Polymer Interactions for Nanoscale Patterning of Materials
@ 11:05-11:30 Kohei M. Itoh Japan Process Monitoring using Silicon Isotope Superlattices
@ 11:30-11:45 James J. Munro  UK Theoretical Study of a CF4 Plasma Chemistry using an Improved Set of Cross-Section Data
@ 11:45-12:00 Fukutaro Hamaoka Japan Numerical Prediction of a Micro-Scale Etching of Si under Plasma Molding in 2f-CCP in SF6/O2
12:00-13:30 \ LUNCH \
13:30-15:00 8. Poster Session   (Chair:           )
15:00-15:10 \ BREAK \
15:10-16:40 9. New trends in plasma science (Chair:            )
@ 15:10-15:35 Sadruddin Benkadda France Simulation Studies of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Drift Wave Turbulence in Dusty Plasma
@ 15:35-16:00 Rikizo Hatakeyama  Japan Plasma Processing Creation of Novel-Functional Nanocarbons
@ 16:00-16:25 Masaharu Shiratani  Japan Plasma Processes for Constructing Nanosystems in the 3rd Generation Nanotechnology
@ 16:25-16:40 Galina V. Shpatakovskaya Russia Quasi-Classical Estimation of Ionization Potentials and Partition Functions of Ions
16:40-17:00 \ BREAK \
17:00-17:50 10. Atmospheric pressure plasmas III (Chair:          )
@ 17:00-17:25 Eva Stoffels-Adamowicz Netherland Cold Plasma Treatment: Wound Care and Other Applications
@ 17:25-17:50 Takanori Ichiki  Japan Development of Atmospheric-Pressure MicroICP Jet and Its Application in Microsystem Technology
19:00-21:00 \ BANQUET \
April 23(Wed)
9:00-10:15 11. Atomic processes in plasmas I (Chair:               )
@ 9:00-9:25 Mark D. Bowden UK Pulsed RF Plasmas: Controlling Plasma Properties by Pulse-Shaping
@ 9:25-9:50 Hirotaka Toyoda  Japan Measurement and Control of Energetic Rare Gas Atoms in Magnetron Plasma
@ 9:50-10:15 Uwe Czarnetzki Germany Electric Field Reversals in the Sheath Region of Capacitively Coupled Radio Frequency Discharges at Different Pressures
10:15-10:35 \ BREAK \
10:35-11:50 12. Atomic processes in plasmas II (Chair:         )
@ 10:35-11:00 Steve J. Buckman Australia Electron Scattering from CF2 Radicals
@ 11:00-11:25 Takako Kato Japan Plasma Diagnostics using Spectroscopy and Atomic Database
@ 11:25-11:50 Nigel J. Mason UK Data Required for Understanding Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
11:50-12:20 13. General Discussion (Chair: S. Hamaguchi and S. Samukawa)
12:20-12:30 Closing Remarks 
@ Zoran Lj. Petrović  Serbia @