On behalf of the organizing committees, I would like to invite you to participate in the 12th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing (JSPP-12) and the 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology (APCPST-15), which will be held at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in Okinawa, Japan, from the 28th of March to 2nd of April, 2021. The EU-Japan JSPP is an international symposium open to anyone from around the world (not limited to those from EU or Japan) who is interested in science and technologies of plasma processing and other related disciplines. It covers a broad range of science and technologies related to plasmas processing.
This year the EU-Japan JSPP will be held concurrently with the 3rd International Conference on Data-Driven Plasma Science (ICDDPS-3). All registered participants of the EU-Japan JSPP can attend the sessions of ICDDPS-3 free of charge.
I would like to thank you for your interest in this Symposium and look forward to seeing you during the Symposium.
Satoshi Hamaguchi,
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee, JSPP-12
Co-Chair, Organizing Committee, APCPST-15
from Aug. 17, 2019
last update Mar. 17, 2020 

Jointly held with 3rd International Conference on Data Driven Plasma Science (ICDDPS-3)

Now we call for the submission of Post Deadline abstracts (poster presentations only)


  • Atomic and molecular processes in plasmas
    Collision cross sections
    Fundamentals of low temperature plasmas
    Plasma-surface interactions
    Catalytic reactions with plasmas
    Plasma diagnostics
    Modeling and numerical simulations of plasmas and surfaces
    Atmospheric/high-pressure plasmas
    Plasmas in (contact with) liquids / plasma-liquid interaction
    Plasma processing of materials, including etching and deposition
    Plasma application for nanotechnologies
    Plasma application for biology, medicine, and agriculture
    Plasma application for environmental issues
    Special Session:plasma simulation
    Special Session:advanced semiconductor processes


Travel information:

Invited Speakers:

  • Behnaz Bagheri       (Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands)
    Jozef Brcka              (TEL Technology Center, America, LLC, USA)
    Christine Charles      (Australian National University, Australia)
    HeeHwan Choe        (Korea Aerospace University, Korea)
    Won-Ho Choe (KAIST, Korea)
    Uroš Cvelbar            (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
    Uwe Czarnetzki        (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
    Kazuki Denpoh         (Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd., Japan)
    Zoltan Donko           (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungary)
    Sasa Dujko              (Institute of Physics, Serbia)
    Remi Dussart           (University of Orleans, France)
    Masanaga Fukasawa     (Sony Semiconductor Solutions Co., Japan)
    Panagiotis Grammatikopoulos  (OIST, Japan)
    Masaru Hori             (Nagoya University, Japan)
    Yuzuru Ikehara         (Chiba University, Japan)
    Masaru Izawa           (Hitachi High-Technologies Co., Japan)
    Katsuhisa Kitano       (Osaka University, Japan)
    Kinga Kutasi             (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungary)
    Yongxin Liu              (Dalian University of Technology, China)
    Toshiaki Makabe       (Keio University, Japan)
    Štefan Matejčík         (Comenius University, Slovakia)
    Paul Moroz               (TEL Technology Center, America, LLC, USA)
    Miran Mozetič            (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
    Anthony Murphy        (CSIRO, Australia)
    Zoran Lj. Petrović       (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia)
    Alok  Ranjan              (TEL Technology Center, America, LLC, USA.)
    Kazunori Shinoda       (Hitachi Ltd., Japan)
    Shunjiro Shinohara     (Tokyo Unviersity of Agriculture and Technology , Japan)
    Tatsuru Shirafuji         (Osaka City University, Japan)
    Masaharu Shiratani     (Kyushu University, Japan)
    Xin Tu                        (University of Liverpool, UK)
    Takayuki Watanabe     (Kyushu University, Japan)
    Jong Shinn Wu           (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)


  • The official language of the symposium is English.

Abstract Submission:

  • Sbmit from here.
  • Deadline: 11 December, 2020 (new)
    Notice of Acceptance: 4 January, 2021 (new)


  • Deadline of Early Registration; 5 February, 2021
      Regular  Student  Banquet Fee
     Early Registration Fee 50,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
     Standard Registration Fee 65,000 JPY  30,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
  • Registration from here.
  • Registered participants of JSPP-12/APCPST-15 can attend the sessions of ICDDPS-3 free of charge.
  • Should the Symposium be cancelled for any reason, your prepaid registration and other fees will be fully refunded.

Past Symposium:

Organizing Committee of JSPP-12:

  • Satoshi Hamaguchi (Co-Chair, Osaka University, Japan)
    Nigel Mason     (Co-Chiar, University of Kent, UK)
    Zoran Lj. Petrović (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia)
    Katsuhisa Kitano     (Secretary, Osaka University, Japan)
    Uroš Cvelbar     (Jožef Stefan Institute., Slovenia)
    Uwe Czarnetzki     (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
    Štefan Matejčík  (Comenius University, Slovakia)
    Masaharu Shiratani     (Kyushu University, Japan)
    Peter L. G. Ventzek     (Tokyo Electron America, USA)

Organizing Committee of APCPST-15:

  • Satoshi Hamaguchi (Co-Chair, Osaka University, Japan)
    Takayuki Watanabe (Co-Chair, Kyushu University, Japan)
    Roderick W. (Rod) Boswell  (Australian National University, Australia)
    Hong Young Chang (KAIST, Korea)
    Chi Kyu Choi (Jeju National University, Korea)
    Tony Murphy (CSIRO, Australia)
    Yuan-Hong Song (Dalian University of Technology, China)
    You-Nian Wang (Dalian University of Technology, China)



For further information, please contact
Satoshi Hamaguchi
Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University,
E-mail: jspp12@ppl.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp