Nov. 18

Opening Remarks
Cesar Pay Gomez (NIMS)
"Atomic Structures and Properties of Quasicrystals and Complex Metallic Alloys"
Miguel Monteverde (Universite' Paris-Sud)
"Quantum Transport in Single and Bilayer Graphene"
Ryuta Yagi (Hiroshima University)
"Magnetotransport of Graphene FET"
- Coffee Break -
Seizo Morita (Osaka University)
"Atom-by-Atom Nanostructuring of Composite Nanomaterials Based on AFM"
Akinobu Kanda (Tsukuba University)
"Electron Transport in Multilayer Graphene"
- Break -
Rik R. Tykwinski (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen)
"Toward Carbyne: Synthesis and Characterization of Polyyne Chains with Extraordinary Lengths"
Atsunori Mori (Kobe University)
"CH Functionalization of Heteroaromatic Compounds by Transition Metal Catalysis"
Takashi Hayashi (Osaka University)
"Construction and Characterization of Supramolecular Hemoprotein Polymer"
- Reception -

Nov. 19

8:45- 9:25
Ernesto Brunet Romero (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
"The Use of Laminar Inorganic Salts to Make Organic Molecules Display New Properties at the Supramolecular Level in the Solid State"
Kenji Matsuda (Kyoto University)
"Photochromic Molecules for Switching Units"
Shigehisa Akine (Tsukuba University)
"Helical Oligooxime Metal Complexes for Ion Recognition"
 -Coffee Break -
Jean-Michel Pouvesle (CNRS/Universite' d'Orle'ans)
"Medical Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Preliminary Results of Antitumor Effect in a Mouse Model"
Weiyuan John Kao (University of Wisconsin)
"Cellular and Developmental Toxicity of Biofunctionalized Nanomaterials"
 - Lunch -
Poster Session
Takuro Niidome (Kyushu University/PRESTO)
"Development of Functional Gold Nanorods for Bioimaging and Photothermal Therapy"
Katsuhisa Kitano (Osaka University)
"Overview of Atmospheric Plasma for Biomaterials Science"
Kohei Soga (Tokyo University of Science)
"Overview of Materials Development in Bioimaging"
Closing Remarks
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(1) 13:00〜13:45(前半45分):ポスター番号が奇数の方の発表時間

(2) 13:45〜14:30(後半45分):ポスター番号が偶数の方の発表時間


Poster number Presenter Affiliation Title
1 Masahiro Shibahara Osaka University A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Effects of Nanostructural Clearances on Thermal Resistance at a Liquid-Solid Interface
2 Masahiro Shibahara Osaka University Molecular Dynamics Modeling of a Piling up Behaviour of Carbon Nanoparticles on a Surface
4 Shinji Ogihara Tokyo University of Science Micromechanical Evaluation of Elastic Constants in a Carbon Fiber as a Transversely Isotropic Material
5 Hideaki Kitahara Osaka University Terahertz time domain spectroscopy for the atomspheric pressure plasmas
6 Takayuki Abe Tokyo University of Science Magnetic Properties of Glass Ceramic in Fe3O4-MnO2-SiO2 System
7 Yoshiharu Doi Osaka University Study on effects of surface strain on homo-epitaxial growth by kinetic Monte Carlo
8 Mikio Ito Osaka University Transport properties of thermoelectric SrTiO3 synthesized by polymerized complex method and spark plasma sintering
9 Naoki Hasegawa Osaka University Reduction in densification temperature by TiB2 addition during sintering of oxides
10 Yasuo Murakami Osaka University Effects of hydrogen incorporation in the formation of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films
11 Masamichi Saitoh University of Tsukuba Thickness dependence of superfluid transition temperature of submicron 3He films
12 Toshiyuki Hori Tokyo University of Science Formation of Transparent Aluminum Hydroxide Film with Mesoscopic Surface Roughness by Hydrothermal Treatment of Incompletely-nitrided Sputtered Aluminum Film
14 Naomichi Sakamoto Iwaki Meisei University Effect of Processing Conditions on Mechanical Properties of Micrometer-Order DLC Structures Produced by FIB-CVD method
15 Yutaka Kuroda University of Tsukuba Influence of surface defects on transitions between mesoscopic vortex states in small superconducting squares
16 Sho Tanaka University of Tsukuba Effect of current annealing on electronic properties of multilayer graphene
17 Chieh Wen Lo Osaka University Particle-in-Cell simulation for Plasma Discharge
18 Shinya Hatsumi University of Tsukuba Manipulation of vortex states in a mesoscopic superconducting square by local current injection
19 Sho Yamane Osaka University Atomic Resolution Imaging of KBr (100) cleaved surface in saturated solution by Frequency-Modulation AFM
20 Chihiro Tamura University of Tsukuba Trap Generation by Stress Application in Gate Insulators of MOSFETs
21 Yasuhiro Tsukazaki Osaka University Measurement of sputtering/etching yields by CF3 ion beam injection with UV light irradiation
22 Noriyuki Unno Tokyo University of Science High aspect metal pattern replication technique using metal oxide release layer
23 Hidenori Goto University of Tsukuba Gate modulation of spin transport in multilayer graphene
24 Hisao Miyazaki NIMS Electric field modulation of bilayer graphene channel
25 Ryosuke Takimoto Osaka University NC-AFM/STM measurements on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface and the Ge(111)-c(2x8) surface
26 Tomokazu Fukuzaki Tokyo University of Science Crystal Orientation of the Nd-Fe-B bulk nanocomposite magnets by high temperature deforming
27 Madeswaran Saminathapillai Tokyo University of Science A study on the magnetic behaviour of Nd-Fe-B/a-Fe nanocomposite films
28 Hikari Tomori University of Tsukuba Fabrication of a ballistic graphene junction
29 Tomoko Ito Osaka University Si etching by Br+ and HBr+ ion irradiation
30 Mitsuru Sometani University of Tsukuba Effects of Thermal Annealing on CVD-SiO2 Films
31 Masashi Kusukawa Osaka University Control of injected domain wall type in nanowire by magnetic force microscopy
32 Tomoya Tamura Osaka University Plasma-assisted Chemical Fluid Deposition
33 Ayumi Ando Osaka University Protein patterning by atmospheric-pressure plasmas
34 Tomohito Kumakawa Tokyo University of Science Synthesis of Fe-based nanocrystalline soft magnets with high saturation magnetization
35 Ryo Kawai Tokyo University of Science Magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B-Nb-Zr bulk magnets produced by spark plasm sintering method
36 Masataka Mizuno Osaka University Investigation of lattice defects in hydrogen storage materials by positron annihilation spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
37 Hideaki Araki Osaka University Anomalous Vacancy-Generation induced by precipitation in Aluminum-Copper Alloy
38 Takeshi Nishiuchi Osaka University Characterization of grain boundary region of recombined Nd2Fe14B phases inHDDR process of Nd-Fe-B-based alloy by positron lifetime spectroscopy
39 Cedric Thomas Osaka University Thermal desorption of hydrogen from H+ irradiated Si(100) surfaces
40 Tsuyohito Ito Osaka University Optical emission waves propagating in atmospheric-pressure plasma jet
41 Ryuji Tamura Tokyo University of Science Magnetic properties of quasicrystalline approximants Cd6RE
42 Naoya Sakamoto University of Tsukuba Synthesis and Cation Recognition Ability of Oligo-Dipyrrin Boron Complexes
43 Futoshi Sato University of Tsukuba Synthesis and Functions of Novel Binaphtyl Podands Bearing Diphenylphosphoryl Groups
44 Masao Sasaki University of Tsukuba SSyntheis of Heteronuclear Trisaloph Complexes Bearing Many Hydrophobic Chains
45 Surya Prakash Singh Osaka University Functional Group Compatibility: Cross-Coupling of Alkyl Halides and Tosylates Carrying a Functional Group with Grignard Reagents Using Nickel Catalyst
46 Tomoaki Taniguchi Osaka University Nickel(0)-catalyzed [3+3] cyclodimerization of methylenecyclopropanes
47 Tadashi Kambara Osaka University C-F Bond Cleavage of Tetrafluoroethylene on Ni(0)
48 Kensuke Kiyokawa Osaka University Reaction of Alkyl Chlorides with Cyclopropylmethylstannane Catalyzed by Gallium Trichloride or Indium Tribromide
49 Ryosuke Takeda Osaka University Catalytic Activity and Lewis Acidity of Substituted Cage-Shaped Borates
50 Masahiko Haga Osaka University Structual Studies on Allylic Indium Species Genarated by Transmetalation and Reductive Method
51 Yoshihiro Nishimoto Osaka University Synthesis of Alkenylindium by Carboindation Using Indium Tribromide, Alkynes, and Ketene Silyl Acetals
52 Yoshiharu Onishi Osaka University Direct Reaction of Alcohols with Enol Acetates for a-alkylation of Monocarbonyl Compounds
53 Akira Nishimura Osaka University Nickel-catalyzed reactions of enone with ethylene
54 Takuya Yamagata University of Tsukuba Synthesis of novel Diketopyrrolopyrrole derivative and its two step response of fluorescence to acid
55 Yu Yamaguchi University of Tsukuba Sthysis of nitroxy radicals containing polymer
56 Satoshi Ichinohe University of Tsukuba Synthesis and Characterization of Highly PEGylated Nanogel
57 Seong Jib Choi University of Tsukuba Introduction of TTF moiety in 2-deoxyguanosine derivatives
58 Yasunori Okamoto Osaka University Functional Analysis of Hemerythrin-Like Protein from Desulfovibrio vulgaris
59 Akihiro Hayashi Osaka University Evaluation of Reactivities and Electronic States of Iron Corrole in Hemoprotein Matrices
60 Yuichi Ueya Osaka University Construction of Gold Nanoparticles-Hemoprotein Conjugates
61 Jeremy Brandel University of Tsukuba Iridium(III) azacrown complexes: a new example of structural control of phosphorescence triggering
62 Venkatachalam Nallusamy Tokyo University of Science Synthesis and Toxicity Assay of Er3+ Doped Y2O3 Nanophosphors for Near-infrared Bioimaging Applications
63 Motoi Oishi University of Tsukuba Stimuli-responsive PEGylated nanogels for nano-bioimaging
64 Masaki Kubota University of Tsukuba Thermally stable streptavidin immobilized on magnetic beads for advanced genome sequencing
65 Sumon Ganguli University of Tsukuba Prevention of Heat-induced Inactivation of Enzymes through Complexation with PEG-g-PEAMA
66 Daisuke Kubota University of Tsukuba Carbohydrate-oligonucleotides conjugates:synthesis and application for the oligonucleotide delivery
67 Ryota Kojima University of Tsukuba Spheroid array chip of fetal liver on micropatterned PEG-gel surface for culture technique to regenerative medicine in liver: upregulation of liver function by co-culture’s cell-cell contact
68 Hirotada Akiyama Tokyo University of Science Application of liposome-encapsulated ceramic phoshpors for cancer cell imaging under near infrared excitation
69 Shogo Sumitani University of Tsukuba Enhanced Stability of Biodegradable Polymeric Micelles Encapsulating Boron Cluster for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy