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Research Institutes related to Center

International Research Hub for Advanced Plasma Sciences

This institute has been established since 2017 in School/Gradua te School of Engineering, Osaka University, to facilitate international collaborative research in basic sciences associated with plasma technologies. It conducts interdisciplinary basic research in plasma science and related fields in col laboration with industries and other academic institutions around the world to establish scientific research base for wide-range plasma application technologies.

ASEAN Human Resource Development on Computational Science and Technology

The Center contributes to develop next human resources which are devoted to the simulation-based engineering, especially in the growing ASEAN countries.

  1. Quantum Engineering Design Course

    The purpose of Quantum Engineering Design (QED) program of Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University is to equip new generation of young scientists with advanced knowledge and cutting-edge research skills in the fast-developing field of science and engineering. This program provides students with up-to-date and world-class research techniques to realize the quantum engineering and design.

  2. Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists

    Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists (PCoMS) organized by Institute for NanoScience Design of Osaka University encourages young researchers of high-performance computing technology for computational materials science, and develops the next generation innovative professional.

  3. Master's in Nanotechnology Program of Vietnam Japan University

    Vietnam Japan University (VJU) has been opened since 2016 under JICA project in Hanoi, Vietnam. Osaka University contributes education and research of one master program of VJU, Masterfs in Nanotechnology Program (MNT). The Center cooperates with one research direction of MNT, Computati onal Technology.

Collaborative Research Projects

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