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 Towards realization of innovative, atomic-level "monozukuri"


Director of CAMT


Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Osaka University

The Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies (CAMT), first established in April 2003, has achieved a lot in terms of accumulating fundamental (atomic-level) knowledge for innovation on novel functional materials and devices. With the reorganization in April 2013, CAMT strives further to meet the needs of future society through the realization of innovative, atomic-level "monozukuri". With "DESIGN" serving as the cornerstone, the following three pillars have been made up in CAMT.
1. Emphasis on research focusing on the atomic- and/or molecular-level design of materials, structures, and functions;
2. Active promotion of Simulation-Based Engineering; and
3. Emphasis on prototype research directly linked to industrial applications.
CAMT's latest achievements include the commercialization of a novel analytical instrument based on atmospheric-plasma technology, and its applications to the medical field.
CAMT consists of three divisions, viz.,
(1) Quantum Engineering for Atomistic Design,
(2) Surface Activation Design using Plasma and Laser Physics, and
(3) Materials, Structures, and Functions Design by Physical and Chemical Reactions.
They are interacting and collaborating in an inter-disciplinary manner.
CAMT actively pursues the new partnerships and strategically strengthens the existing partnerships, as the need to accelerate collaborative researches.
CAMT has a constantly updated website and publishes a newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the latest research achievements and the other related-matters.
We look forward to your continued support to CAMT.

November, 2017

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